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Modular Freedom

VSTForx is a full-modular effect network creation tool which comes as a VST-plugin. With VSTForx you are able to load any number of VST-plugins and connect them anyway you want.

Additional modules allow you to manipulate such signal chains and offer a whole new way in mixing and producing.

Plugin chain example
Parameter network example

Advanced Controls

Build complex controler chains by creating parameter networks composed of arbitrary plugin parameters. With special audio-transformer modules it’s possible to control parameters with audio events.

Available Features

Basic Features

  • Free Plugin Chaining

    Unlike many other plugin chainers you are able to build effect chains similar to "real" circuits. With that you have more control on how your sound is created.

  • Free Parameter Binding

    Every effect and every module is controlled by parameters. All of these parameters have a knob representation which can be placed and controlled on the main "circuit" view. With the knobs you are able to bind parameters together, so that every parameter changing will be transmitted to its neighbours.

  • Connection Operators

    are modificators for parameter value transmissions. Available operators are Inverse, Logarithmic, Exponential, Multiplier, Min/Max and Offset.

Internal Modules

Besides the plugins VSTForx knows three types of modules: the signal processor, the signal switch and the signal transformer.

  • Input/Output Switches

    are able to switch between several states while every state belongs to an input or output. An "Input Switch" for example can switch several inputs to one output. A "selector" parameter controls the switch state. Furthermore several parameters control the "fade-in / fade-out" behaveiour.

  • Input/Output Step Switches

    Unlike the "I/O Switches" the "Step Switch" state is not controlled by a parameter. The states will be iterated automatically. Either with a fixed time per state or synced to the beat of your DAW.

  • The ADSR Trigger

    generates an ADSR sequence triggered by an audio signal. This sequence will be transformed into an output parameter value. Thus it's possible to control parameters (or rather the connected units) with any audio input.

  • Remote Channel

    offers (system wide) signal communication between VSTForx instances. So it's possible to send an audio stream from a VSTForx instance in Ableton Live to a VSTForx instance loaded in Cubase. Just as it works for audio data, it's possible to transmit parameter values.

  • VSTForx further modules

    Further Modules

    Volume, Pan, Peaktracker, MIDI Receiver

  • Script module symbol

    Script Modules

    give you the opportunity to write user specific modules in the - easy to learn - Lua language. Lua is fast enough to implement own signal processors or sound generators. Furthermore you can write scripts to manage the view and its elements.

OS Support

VSTForx is available for Windows and Mac.


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