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RemoteChannel is a VST plugin which allows you to send audio and parameter data to your VSTForx instances.

RemoteChannel Scheme

What it can do:

  • send audio data from any VST channel on your machine to your VSTForx plugs
  • hook in automation data from other VST channels into your VSTForx chain
  • exchange audio and parameter data between VSTForx instances

What it can't do:

  • replace ReWire, JACK, OSC ...
  • use it without VSTForx.

How to use it?

Just ...

  • load a RemoteChannelSender plugin into your DAW
  • open VSTForx
    • open "Scene Browser" => "Remote Channel Receivers"
    • select the related RemoteChannelSender
    • press "add to scene"
    • now you can use the newly added node as usual
      • hook the node into your signal chain to receive the incomming audio data
      • connect the related parameter knobs to any parameter to conrol it from the sender plugin

Caution If you use Sender/Receiver on different DAW's ensure that the audio setups are equal (blocksize, samplerate)

Caution Fruity Loops
It's strongly recommended to activate the "fixed sized buffers" option on sender/receivers plugin settings:
+ load plugin
+ open "PROCESSING" settings (gear icon in edior window)
+ set "Use fixed size buffers"
+ select "Options: Use block size as buffer size" (IMPORTANT)

Example Video